QA184 QUESTION: About six months ago I had an experience of going back into past lives, and felt myself in a past life to be very much in contact with my energy centers in a positive way. I also had the feeling that I had misused the energy, even sexually. Lately, I feel I am rapidly approaching really being able to get in touch with these centers, and I feel also a growth and a sort of expansion sexually. But yet, I feel a fantastic tension, and I’m curious if the experience I had about this reincarnation is valid – if it is karmic, in other words. Can you comment on this?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. I would suggest, especially when you are in contact with the fear and the movement of expansion – and the fear that wants to thwart the movement – that you meditate in the following way. You do not have to use my words. I am just merely giving you the idea of the essence of it. “I do not have to fear the power, the energy, of the universal forces. They are benign, and to the degree I want to give my very best to the world, to life, to everything I do, to that degree I will be safe, and I will know that the power will carry me, and I will carry it. And it will be a blessed thing. I can trust it and surrender to it. And by surrendering to it, I will become all the stronger as a person. I will gain and not lose, because I can lose myself into this power. I can lose myself into this power, because I want to give the best in love, in truth, in self-honesty and self-acceptance, in overcoming all the negative impulses.”

To the degree you really want to do this, to that degree you will not fear. It is only to the degree there’s an inner will that still hangs on to wanting the negativity, you must fear surrendering to the greater power of the universe. That is your safety. That is your safeguard. And by meditating in this way and by expressing your intention, your goodwill and your positive, creative attitude, to that degree you will build a new climate where the old stagnant climate has held you down in fear.


QA238 QUESTION: Can you comment on the energy centers of man, the relationship they have with the energy bodies and the relationship they have with what you described and gave to us – the concept of the psychic nuclear points.

ANSWER: Yes. Of course, you must realize that the answer to this question can only be incomplete at this point because I can only touch upon, in a most general way, some aspects of these answers. But as you derive more specific questions, I will also be able to give you then more specific answers.

Now, in the first place, it is quite obvious that these energy centers are located in the energy body. They also appear in the physical body as reflections, but the actual organs of these centers are located in the energy bodies, in all the energy bodies. The physical manifestations of these energy centers are, in some instances, the glands; in other instances, there is no physical organ that corresponds to the centers.

But on the physical level, it will simply manifest as a strong focus of energy. Now, the next thing I want to say here is that each thought, each attitude, each feeling, each trait, is an energetic expression and phenomenon. There are infinite shadings of energy expressions.

To give you just a very simple example here: the expression of the will function will have a totally different energy emanation, color, scent, tone, impression and other senses that do not exist in the physical spectrum than, for example, the heart center, the feeling of love or the receptive center. So, in other words, each center has its own reality on an energy level.

Each of these centers is completely influenced by the functioning of the other centers. In other words, it is not possible that one center functions completely independently of all the other centers. Since every expression of a human being is always part and parcel of the total personality, so must, for example, the will be very much influenced by the receptivity of the person, by the sexuality of the person, by the ability to love and feel of the person, by the ability to think and discriminate, by the openness of the mind and the inner spiritual perceptiveness.

Each center is equally influenced by all the other centers, so that not two of the centers will be the same. Let us say, if you compare the will center of one person with the will center of the other person, and even if both of these will centers are open and flowing, they cannot be the same; even in a perfect state, they will not be the same because there’s always a relationship between all the other aspects of a personality.

The intricacies and the variety of possibilities is therefore endless. You will discover much, much more here. But suffice it to say now that the person’s innate ground-being concentrates mostly on certain aspects which then influences proportionately the other aspects. Here we are not even thinking of the distortions.

Distortions may vary – not only in kind, but in intensity. So that too must infiltrate and influence the totality of the system, and therefore each center. It may not directly appear as if one center is off kilter, as it were, but it is nevertheless. Even if one of the whatever-the-center-stands-for is in the best possible condition and appearance, the disturbance of another center must also influence all other centers.

That may not yet be noticeable to you because to detect this would demand a much finer calibrated system than the human perception is capable of. But knowing this would help you to understand differences, varieties, and perhaps apparent discrepancies that you cannot yet classify.

As far as the psychic nuclear points are concerned, obviously each center is, in itself, a psychic nuclear point, in a grosser way. But it too consists of many, many subdivisions and smaller psychic nuclear points.

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