QA232 QUESTION: I am very much interested in the various forms this Pathwork has taken in the past, and references about the past. Recently I came across an archeological book that has presented me this idea that even twenty or thirty thousand years ago in the Stone Age cave civilization, people had religion that we still find in the cave paintings and other remains. They had certain concepts that we have in the Pathwork today, such as the divine oneness of energy, the rebirth idea, and the very idea that the Path is like a labyrinth or a spiral. This kind of religion has sort of continued almost unbroken from the Stone Age until the great religions. The thesis is very exciting to me, but I wonder if this is really so. Can you comment on this?

ANSWER: Yes, it is indeed so. This Path and the truth I am privileged to give you are timeless and ageless and have always existed and will always exist, and have come through to mankind in many, many different forms. But the essence must always be the same; throughout civilization, it is the same truth, with the main emphasis at one period more in one aspect, and in other periods more another aspect. But basically the essence does not change.

These are archetypical, eternal values and truths that can never, never change. They are eternal and not only on the Earth plane. These truths exist on all levels of reality. Again, although the manner in which that truth manifests must vary according to the density or radiancy of the world the entity lives in, or the reality that that entity represents, the essence is still the same. Every aspect of these teachings has always existed in different forms.

Now, for example, let us take the aspect of Helpership. What I will say to all of you is how Helpership has always existed on all realms and must always exist, and that it takes on different forms. That will be the next specific lecture for that opportunity. So that is only one aspect of it. But everything else that you learn from every lecture is not something invented now. It could not be! It could not be.

But as humanity evolves and goes into its now new phase of development – and there are incredibly strong energies that are pouring forth and pouring through the realms of inner consciousness – so do these truths expand – I would ask please that the smoking be stopped – and become more understandable to you on a much more profound level, on a much deeper, specific level. Just now in this crucial time of evolution, more of these truths break through, as it were. But they always existed.

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