QA254 QUESTION: Most couple have different blood types. In the case of my partner and myself, our blood types were found to be incompatible – an A-B-O blood incompatibility – which resulted in our first child, Matthew, being jaundiced at birth; a second child dying at five days; and our third child needing a full blood exchange at birth, which enabled her to survive.

We seek to know the spiritual significance of this blood incompatibility on our lives and the lives of our children. My sense is that the answer you give us will help us to better understand the incompatibilities in our own personalities and the reason for our union as we strive toward fusion.

ANSWER: The answer to this question lies mainly in karmic conditions occurring in previous incarnations, some of which have penetrated into this life in order to be resolved. One such karmic fact is that there were several incarnations together in which you were at odds with one another about having children. These odds were extremely strong, the dissension between you very severe.

There were, of course, reasons, such as traumas from still previous experiences in which one feared having a child, while the other one was now ready to risk it. Since the conflicting currents and fears were extremely strong, having a child often resulted in conditions that seemed to justify these fears.

So when one of you was ready to risk, the other was not, and vice versa. In this incarnation, you are much nearer resolving these fears and alternations that work with you like a seesaw. The incompatibility of blood is merely a physical manifestation of these factors. Many of the fears and negativities involved with having children in previous lives also manifest in other areas.

When you both go deeper in your two individual paths, you can then combine both your problem areas and look at them as a whole. You will see they fit like a jigsaw puzzle. The negative interaction between you can then be worked with as a unit. This will be extremely fruitful for both of you and help you totally purify all these old unresolved areas.

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