QA221 QUESTION: You mentioned once last year, in relation to the pleasures of earthly, human life, that when we die we give them up, but not to be too worried because there are even greater pleasures on the other side. My question relates to the nature of music, because while I could imagine giving up sexual gratification, for instance [Loud laughter], even measures of bliss which I don’t know anything about now, I find it very difficult to think of renouncing even one note of the music I love.

ANSWER: It is very significant that you misunderstood me so, because actually I never said you give up anything. [Laughter] There is no giving up, because when you live in the body, you have given up. You had to give up, because that is the measure of your present state of consciousness.

When you are in your true state, there’s only expansion. All the pleasures you know are puny in comparison. It is true; it is true, my friends; it is true. [Laughter, and the moderator then calls on someone else to ask a question, but the Guide interrupts] I am not finished. I want to come back to the music.

The same applies to music. In the human time-bound state of consciousness, you experience music as an isolated phenomenon of tone. In spirit, not only have you an infinitely greater tone scale and range than the human ear and perception is capable of – just as you have an infinitely greater range of color in the Spirit World than the human eye and perception is capable of – so exists immeasurably more sense perceptions that you know nothing about.

Music is the audible manifestation of color, as color is the visible manifestation of music. And there I only mention two. I do not mention taste, scent, touch, and the many, many other perceptions for which the human language has no words because the human state does not have these perceptions.

If you can take this statement as perhaps a beginning of making room for something much more than you know here, you will believe or perhaps be able to foresee that as your consciousness expands, so will your music expand. Energy is music, as it is sound, as it is taste, as it is many other things. So all is music in infinite ways.

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