QA191 QUESTION: As you know, I listen to my session, and this session too, while I sleep and that helps me a lot. I want to know how to verbalize my question when I’m asleep so that I hear it.

ANSWER: How do you mean “how to verbalize” it? It depends on where you are. I cannot make a definitive statement on one verbalization, because if you always make it the same, it would be meaningless.

I think you should be mostly concerned with your resistances and reaching into the inner levels by very clear-cut statements. Say that you wish to overcome the involuntary resistance as well as be aware of the voluntary resistance, so that you open up your world of feelings, that you open up your blocked feelings, that you recognize the misconceptions that make you afraid of your world of feelings.

This depends and varies according to where you are. I cannot make a definite statement on how to verbalize whatever it may be at the moment. The important thing is that it is concise, that it is clear-cut. And the most important thing – which is much more important than the verbalization of it – is that when you make the statements into the tape, or when you listen to them consciously and also before you fall asleep, that you prepare your inner being to be receptive and affirmative.

Know what you’re saying so that you’re not doing it in a mechanical way, but rather that you experience your whole inner will affirming the process. That is really the most important thing, much more so than the formulation.

QUESTION: It’s all right that it’s my own voice?

ANSWER: Yes, that’s all right. It’s even better.

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