QA121 QUESTION: Last time you spoke about the spirit of President Kennedy. When an entity goes back into the Spirit World, does he keep a name, certainly not the Kennedy name, but I mean a name of his own that belongs to him in the Spirit World, that he goes back to between incarnations? Or how do spirit souls really recognize each other?

ANSWER: This is extremely difficult to explain to human beings because of the fact that human beings live in a very, very different dimension. The only way I can explain it is this: that in a more extended dimension of color, tone, scent, language – it’s all one. It is all one. The expression of a feeling, a thought, a state of mind, a state of feeling, expresses itself as what you might call a symbolic picture: a tune, a light, a scent – according to the development of the faculties you do not even know about – a feeling and a name. That is all contained in this.

I realize, my friends, that this can only be vaguely sensed intuitively by some. This is impossible to understand with your intellect, but this is the only way I can express it. Therefore, it is very misleading if one tries to translate the experience of a higher dimension in human terms, because then it might be completely misunderstood.

So to say, is there a name? The answer would be Yes and the answer would be No.

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