QA157 QUESTION: Earlier tonight, I received some communication through a medium saying I was to begin to train my faculties to be attentive to other entities, separate from myself, yet which would be trying to help me. I was to do this training through a Ouija board – that is, to train my body to just carry out these impulses. Would you say that this was a good thing to do – just to train yourself in relaxedness and passivity?

ANSWER: No. Also I do not think it is a good thing to train oneself for the purpose of communication with other entities. If communication with other entities occurs along the road to self-realization as a passing way, it is to be considered as a transitory state that may, under certain circumstances, have its temporary benefit. But it is never a goal in itself.

If the union with the real self can be accomplished, this state can be bypassed. It need not be gone through. The goal should always be the communication with one’s own divine center, never with other entities. This can lead into dangerous errors, away from the self.

Such training also often concentrates on or emphasizes psychic phenomena and bypasses one’s own inner obstructions, so that very dangerous and harmful evasions and escapes come about that have more harm than benefit. Anything that is put in this way, I would very gravely discourage.

I would say, you cannot go wrong, ever, if you concentrate mainly on finding your real self. And finding the real self hinges on recognizing where your obstructions are, where your blocks are, and understanding them. In that way you transcend. That is the only safe and healthy way.

Everything else will be given unto you. If communication with other entities should be a temporary way for you, it will happen by itself. But to seek purposely for that is always an error, and it stems from misguidance and misunderstanding of these things.

You do not have to accept my answer as binding, because we here do not believe in dogma. But if you use all your thinking capacities, as well as if you ask the divine in yourself for guidance and open yourself up to the question, let the guidance come from within you. This is the best way to go about this.

Every preconceived idea stands in the way. Your own fears and your own desires stand in the way. Therefore, look at yourself very carefully. What do you want? What do you fear? What do you fear to face in yourself in utter self-honesty? Do you desire any kind of shortcut in order to avoid looking at certain facets? Ask yourself such questions.

Then when you give yourself very honest answers to this – not quickly, not glibly, but very honestly – then say to yourself, “There is a divine intelligence and power right in the center of my own being. To communicate with it, I really do not need any other beings. Now, I may need help in order to get to the center in myself, but the ultimate goal is that center in myself. And therefore, I ask right now for guidance from that center within myself. Where is my way? Is this answer correct or is that answer correct? Which should I accept? Which gives me a good safe feeling?”

Then open yourself up. Make yourself neutral and wait for guidance. This is my answer.

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