QA229 [The following are selected comments from among those at the end of this trance session, made by Eva after coming out of the trance.]

PARTICIPANT: What do you feel like when you’re sitting? And when the Guide comes into you, do you lose your whole person and your whole consciousness?

EVA: No, not really. It’s very hard to explain. But it’s sort of a feeling like my consciousness is up there someplace. And sometimes I fade in and sometimes I fade out. And some things I know, but I know them in a sort of vague way. It comes back. It’s very hard to explain. It’s not like sleep. It’s like a very over-concentrated state in which I’m so concentrated that I’m not aware. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it’s the only way I can explain it.

PARTICIPANT: Like you’re in another room?

EVA: Yeah, well, not really another room. I feel as though I’m up there or something.

PARTICIPANT: When you scratch your nose, do you scratch it up there? [Prolonged laughter by all, including Eva]

EVA: [Laughing] I guess I do.

PARTICIPANT: Do you feel any subjective opinions coming out of you? Your own feelings coming through at all?

EVA: How do you mean?

PARTICIPANT: When the Guide speaks.

EVA: You know, one of the aspects of the training was really, for a long time, not to interfere. And my own path, of course, was the prerequisite for that, because wherever my own unresolved problems would be, there would be a block.

What I do feel is that occasionally the Guide says, “Well, the instrument isn’t ready for such and such yet to come through,” and he has said that just recently. I don’t recall about what. At the beginning I remember once there were some questions that were asked by somebody of things that the Guide has spoken very, very much about in recent years, but at that time he said, “I cannot come through with that yet; the instrument isn’t ready for that, as an instrument.”

PARTICIPANT: If you read the lectures, you’ll notice there’s an increase in sophistication in the lectures, in the words used in the lecture language. Very strong, very, very markedly.

EVA: Oh yes.

PARTICIPANT: Also, there is a change in the nature of the lectures. Some of the earlier ones were concerned with more spiritual things but on a simpler level.

EVA: Yes!

PARTICIPANT: And then it’s sort of coming back.

EVA: Yes. It’s like a spiral. The Path is a spiral – the lectures are a spiral.

EVA: When this whole thing started, channeling was the furthest thing from my mind.

PARTICIPANT: Did it just come to you?

EVA: Well, that’s a very, very long story. It would take hours to tell. But all I can tell you is that it came as a complete surprise and to my embarrassment, because I grew up in an environment where this was absolutely, really, I mean, I said everybody will think I went crazy.

PARTICIPANT: Well, how did you know what it was, then?

EVA: It’s a long story. I met some people at that time and I went to a place where there was a medium. We went for fun. You know my mother said to me, “Don’t laugh; these people take it seriously.” [Prolonged laughter] So I can understand very well when people have doubts. I was worse.

[Someone asks Eva about the Guide’s identity and vocabulary and there is some discussion of that among which is the following]

EVA: At the same time he [the Guide] pronounces some words very different from me. I mean, I never say “issue” [with a very English accent], I say “issue” [with a non-English accent].

PARTICIPANT: And he says “solely” like “solaly.”

PARTICIPANT: What seems to be the view?

PARTICIPANT: I think he was educated in England. [Laughter]

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