15 QUESTION: Speaking of daydreams and fantasies, I wrote a play about a former incarnation in Egypt and I wonder if I myself was in Egypt in a former incarnation?

ANSWER: At this opportunity, may I give a short explanation to all my new friends here? Spirits belonging to the Order of the Divine Plan cannot and will not give this kind of information unless it serves a very good purpose, unless it is important for self-development. If and when this information should become necessary for you, you will receive knowledge of it, either through me or through another spirit, or through enlightenment that will come directly to you.

As long as this is merely an interesting speculation, we do not give such information, because if we were to handle this so lightly, there would be no purpose for the memory to be taken away from one life to the next. I know, there are many spirits coming through mediums who are very liberal with this kind of information. But they are not spirits of ours.

It is easy to say, it satisfies human curiosity, and it can never be proven. A spirit could easily say to you Yes or No, and you would not know. You would be satisfied. But we do not do it that way. When such knowledge comes, it must have real meaning. It must be a key to your present life. Sometimes enlightenment is given on the subject of past lives. The country is rarely important, but other circumstances are important.

Whenever truth pervades you about a previous incarnation – and this goes for all of you – you must have a feeling of victory, or liberation. It is as if a key were put into a keyhole and a door were opened, and all of a sudden you understand many, many things in your present life, such as difficulties, hardships and tests. If that feeling does not accompany such information, do not trust it.


54 QUESTION: In one of the lectures, you mentioned the picture language which is used in the Spirit World, and you also mentioned that it is rather difficult to translate it into human language. I was wondering whether you can tell us more about this picture language so that we can understand it. I would also like to know whether you can understand every human language and express yourself through a medium in any language.

ANSWER: As far as the picture language of the Spirit World is concerned, I am afraid I cannot possibly convey it to you. If I could convey it, it would be so much easier for me to express myself and many a misinterpretation of my words would be avoided. So it is not possible that I give you an explanation of it. Human beings simply cannot grasp this much wider means of communication. Their own language is only a small part of the wider scope of picture language. It is as though you would try to explain human language to an animal.

As far as my – or any spirit’s – knowledge of human language is concerned, I have this to say: I do not have to understand the particular human language. I see the forms of thought in picture language and try to express it in the respective human tongue through the medium, utilizing her sense organs as well as her language. Through the medium’s ears, I hear while I manifest, and through her mouth and physical knowledge – language, for instance – I express myself.

Whether I could express myself in any language, regardless of whether or not the medium knows the language, depends on the type of mediumship. There are many types of trance mediumship, a fact that is for the most part ignored. A more direct and stronger kind of mediumship exists from the point of view of physical manifestation and phenomenology; it belongs more into the category of a psychic phenomenon.

In this category belong materialization, transfiguration, direct voice and aural transfiguration – speaking in a language the medium ignores – and a few other such phenomena. Aural transfiguration is referred to in the Bible as “speaking in tongues.” Such phenomena take an infinitely greater strength on the part of the medium, as well as on the part of the spirits. It demands an entirely different kind of mediumship than ordinary trance mediumship.

It is very difficult to explain all these manifold variations and possibilities to you. Perhaps on some future occasion I can give you a little more information on this subject, but the time is not quite ripe for it as yet.

With very few exceptions, higher developed spirits do not use the more direct and stronger type of mediumship, in the category of psychic phenomena, wherein a much coarser force is used. This coarser force can be obtained more easily from spirits that are still closer to the Earth sphere. Such manifestations also have their purpose and use, however. They serve to open the eyes of human beings to perceive that other worlds exist beyond their own.

Through this realization, many may come to think a little differently about life. But once this different outlook is gained, it is more useful to be in contact with spirits on a higher plane, who may not have the type of strength available that is necessary for striking proofs, but who can give you different benefits of a higher and more subtle nature.

Even as far as this proof is concerned, it is not so simple. It may open the door, but it can only be the beginning of gaining inner proof through inner enlightenment and certainty. Outer proof is never sufficient. Besides, you can only prove something to someone who is open and without prejudice. No matter what startling proofs may occur here or there, someone who does not want to see and change his outlook will never be convinced, no matter what.

Here we are dealing with an inner block and that is much more difficult to eliminate than any outer obstruction. Hence, we, in the world of God, are not interested in producing phenomena. We are interested in individual development, for this is the only key to everything. Therefore we choose the simplest possible way which is the least ostentatious as far as phenomena are concerned. So we usually abstain from all manifestations such as direct voice, materialization, etcetera.

QUESTION: The only thing I do not understand is, do you, when you talk through the medium, translate from your picture language, or do you think at this moment of the language the medium is speaking?

ANSWER: It is a combination of both. I translate from the picture language and use her thought process which I influence through her subtle bodies.


QA161 QUESTION: I want to ask, in all reverence, is there any reason and purpose in your anonymity?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, indeed. The reason and purpose is that the moment personality comes in, a distortion sets in – the distortion of the subtle recesses of neurotic leanings. All sorts of glorification, personalization, idolization, need for authority, alienating processes of ascribing the truth to a being rather than the truth being something universal that is available within all your hearts.

In a subtle way, it would then be “truth comes from so and so.” For even without the personality, this tendency is still something to watch for. For it is extremely important to know that the highest and deepest truth must never be attached to a single being. It is all over, and therefore also within you and accessible within you.

All my approach and guidance is oriented in such a way to help you eliminate the barriers in you, so that you come more and more to this truth within yourself, and never glorify it and personalize it. This is the aim.

QUESTION: I am reading a book in which one of the entities that communicates with a doctor expounds very many truths about the universe. My question is, why do certain entities reveal themselves? What is the purpose for revealing the identity?

ANSWER: I do not think there is a good purpose, but if it does happen, you know that mediumship is a very complicated business. Many, many forces and aspects play a role. It may also have a great deal to do with unadmitted or unaware concepts of the medium, of the instrument.

In other words, if the instrument is convinced that this is expected and this ought to be that way, and this concept unconsciously, but perhaps vaguely and not in a pronounced or concise way, exists, a force sets in where the manifesting force, power, entity is almost forced to make such an admission, or such a declaration, or such a statement.

The mediumship forces are extremely intricate. Therefore, I say again and again, for years and years, this is not the aim. It is a temporary state; it is a crutch, and the divine truth as it is available in all human beings, is the aim. Then errors become much less, and the complications and intricacies of complementing and contradictory forces lessen and lessen.

For the realization of the divine self presupposes the meeting of one’s own unconscious deviations, while mediumship does not do this sufficiently or perhaps sometimes not at all.


QA251 QUESTION: Is the Guide still our leader, or is it Jesus Christ that speaks through Eva? And if spirits who have finished all lifetimes don’t have a body, then also they must not have a sex. Why do we always refer to God and Jesus Christ as he, him, his? I think spirits wouldn’t be masculine or feminine – they would just be. Is it that we think of Jesus Christ as a man because that’s what he incarnated into?

ANSWER: My dearest one, I shall answer your question myself, for that is really the purpose of these question and answer sessions. Now, to your first question: it is not either/or. Do you understand the concept of hierarchy? Any larger organization must be built on this concept in order to function.

Think of the government of a country. Its leader or president can surely not do every detail. He needs to delegate responsibilities and oversee the various branches of government. Each branch, in turn, needs again to do something similar, so that it goes down all the way, to the smallest chores and tasks.

The more developed, the more creative a person, the more he or she is willing to shoulder burdens and responsibilities, the more he will oversee the whole and have lesser leaders, with lesser responsibilities carrying specific tasks. Your Pathwork is under the personal leadership of Jesus Christ, but there are other spirits who carry out specific tasks. I am one of them, one in a pyramidal structure, each doing our assigned tasks.

It is a similar principle that exists in all organizations consisting of many people. No organization could function otherwise. It would be chaos. It always requires a leader on top, then, on the next level several leaders of lesser authority and development, and so on, going down the line.

This is an archetypical format, eternal in its design, its reasonableness, its profound logic. So once again, it is not a question of either/or. Jesus Christ is your guide, as he is all our guide. And I too, am your guide.

As to your second question, it is not true that in the Spirit World there are no bodies. All forms consist of subtle bodies, of radiant matter, if you will. For us this matter is as substantial as Earth matter is for you. It is true that the highest, most developed spirits combine both sexes in them.

The reason that God is referred to as “he” in your world is that the creative aspect of God, the aspect that has given form to energies and consciousness – although, of course, always combining both divine aspects – is mainly the active principle. There are other realms in the universe in which the receptive principle is more predominant. In neither case does it mean that one is better or more worthy than the other.

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