QA255 QUESTION: My question concerns my personal relationship to the Pathwork and especially to the New York Path. I live in Michigan, and our Pathwork has been formed for only several months. I feel such deep yearning to be a part of the New York activities. I miss not being able to attend lectures, to have regular sessions. My contract is to come in for five weekends a year and continue in the summer Helpership program. I find myself teaching the lectures and doing things that those in New York train years for. I feel separate and angry, as if I am missing something. Could you help me see the significance of my task and the meaning of the physical separation?

ANSWER: This feeling really comes from your higher self but is mangled in the translation. By traveling through the various layers, it surfaces as anger, jealousy, feeling left out, etcetera. Underneath that is a fear that you may not be able to fulfill the task for which you came. And underneath that is a true concern that you will be spiritually sufficiently nourished and grounded so that you can fulfill this task.

I said to you that you should make this concern conscious, very directly conscious, stripping the covering layers, so that you can bring your faith in your God, in your guidance, to this concern. You can be sure that you will receive all you need, no matter what the circumstances are. There may come occasionally the opportunity to spend extra time here at the source. But even with the present arrangement, you will receive what you need.

Believe me, God will see to it that you have all you need, for you are doing his work and he knows your needs. Also, it is important that you do not accuse yourself for those feelings you describe, but go through the covering levels and perceive their real nature, which is your commitment and goodwill to fulfill a beautiful task on this Path. But the faith needs to be reinforced. It would be absurd to think that the Lord will not make sure that you not miss the necessary tools.

QUESTION: Our Pathwork in Michigan has been created. We have started a lecture study group. We have many lectures to cover this year so many more will be ready for next summer’s Helpership program. We also have much personal growth work to do that comes out in our sessions. Also, we are inundated with organizational work. We feel cramped for time. We want to know where to focus. We find ourselves confused and always feel like we haven’t finished our business. Where should our priorities be? What should we focus on?

ANSWER: What you describe here is very natural and quite predictable. You encounter again your doubts that you are able to do what you set out to do before you incarnated. And others are in a similar position. I say, the main focus must always be on personal inner purification, and bringing this personal purification together with the purification of the group entity that has begun to form.

Organizational work is, of course, part of your task. You will be able to do this when you begin to realize that it need not be either/or. It is really not a question of time, but of anxiety, in all of you, that you may not be able to do it, or perhaps that the lower self may not want to give sufficiently to it. So, as a group, explore this aspect.

After you have seen this, understand the anxiety for what it is, and pray for guidance. Recommit yourself to doing the work for God. You will then be able to assign various tasks to various people who will cooperate in the organizational work, without shortchanging any other important aspect of your lives. You have all the blessings, all the guidance that you need.

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