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If you say to yourself “I’m going to live a very long life, because I’m going to take excellent care of myself and properly develop myself and feed myself well,” – you may do all of these things and still walk right out into the street and a car may strike you dead. So is there another factor involved here? Answer


Is it correct that birth, and time and form of death, are determined by an unchangeable destiny? Answer


In connection with the assassination of President Kennedy, what was the meaning – psychologically and metaphysically – of this event? Answer


What happens after death to a person who was an atheist? Answer


What happens in a case like the death of many children who burned in a fire. When those little spirits come into the Spirit World, is a death like this not a tremendous shock? Answer


Doesn’t it appear as a strange coincidence when there should be the death of many individuals, like for instance in a concentration camp or when a large group is burned in a fire? Isn’t there some sort of wrong thinking or action there? Answer


How can one truly face death and accept the reality of after-death so as to live in the Now? Answer


Some people die suddenly and some die lingeringly. What is your attitude toward euthanasia? Answer


Many people believe it is wrong to kill anything that is alive. However, what do you do when there are vermin in the house? Answer


In the case of war, is the act of killing by a soldier contrary to divine law? Answer

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