“I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, my dearest friends, and the answers may not always be on the level you expect. They may approach a different orientation, a new level, another angle, but that is then precisely what you need.

“I ask all of you to tune deeply into yourselves, for every question and every answer being presented here can be an aid to all who are present, who can apply every single thing on some level, although the answers will be particularly designed to help the person where he is now.

Now, who would like to ask?

The Pathwork Guide, Q&A #237

Keywords, a collection of Jill Loree’s favorite Q&As, is available for reading online or downloading as an ebook.

Laid end-to-end, the total volume of information on this site fills eight books. Thankfully there is Keywords, a single book filled with favorites.

In this powerful collection, Jill Loree combines her favorite questions asked of the Pathwork Guide about:

    • Jesus Christ

    • Religion
    • Reincarnation
    • The Spirit World
    • Death
    • The Bible
    • Prayer & Meditation
    • God

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    Jesus Christ

    Making Peace with “Jesus Christ”

    Salvation. That Word!


    The Creation of Beings

    The Fall of the Angels

    Free Will

    The Process of Evolution

    Communicating with the Spirit World

    The Plan of Salvation

    The Cross

    Good Friday

    The Virgin Mary

    The Bodily Resurrection

    Miracles & the Stigmata

    Celebrating Christmas

    Rebellious Christians & Jews

    Spreading the Word


    The Meaning of Religion

    So Many Religions

    Going to Church

    Finding the Holy Ghost

    Eastern Religions vs. Christianity

    Religious Laws & Rituals

    Sabbath & Yom Kippur

    Sin & Evil

    True Religion

    Cults & Jim Jones


    The Reality of Reincarnation

    Making the Metaphysical Connection

    Preparation for Incarnation

    Remembering Past Lives

    Male & Female Incarnations

    The Reason for Races

    Timing & Location

    Accelerating Development

    Origin of Talents


    Family Connections

    Wasted Lifetimes

    Reincarnation Within Same Lifespan

    Animal Souls

    The Spirit World

    God’s World

    Fighting Dark Forces

    Lucifer & His Henchmen

    Angels & Ghosts

    Developing Spiritual Qualities

    Contacting the Spirit World

    Spiritual Tests

    Seers & Nostradamus

    Guardian Angels

    Spiritual Helpers




    Destiny of Birth & Death

    Assassination of President Kennedy


    When Children Die

    Life After Death



    Rules About Killing Animals

    Saving Lives

    Mass Killings

    Capital Punishment


    Spiritual Death

    The Bible

    Understanding the Bible

    Understanding Myth

    The Tower of Babel

    Job’s Suffering

    Fear of the Lord

    The Ten Commandments


    The Gospel According to St. Thomas


    Creating an Image of God

    Reincarnation in the Bible

    Bible Verses Explained

    Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden

    Prayer & Meditation

    Prayer vs. Meditation

    Stages of Prayer

    How to Meditate

    How to Pray

    The Lord’s Prayer

    Praying for Others



    How to Find God