Pathwork Q&A Books

If you lay out all of these Q&As end-to-end, it creates eight books. If you read all eight Pathwork Q&A books, you will never look at the world the same way again.

This website allows you to read all the Q&As online using the Next Topic link at the bottom of each page, or by selecting a topic from the sidebar.

As an option, you can read a PDF of any of the eight volumes. Read on your computer or forward the PDF to your Kindle or other reading device. 

To read PDFs using Kindle:

  • Download the free Kindle app to any computer, tablet or phone
  • In Kindle, find your Send-to-Kindle email address under Settings (look for the gear symbol)
  • Email the PDF to your Kindle email address with the word “convert” in the Subject line.
  • Go to your Kindle library (in the Kindle app), look for Docs, then open and read the PDF like an eBook.
  • Note, Table of Content links and links to lectures may not be active on Kindle.

Overwhelmed? Try Keywords, a collection of Jill Loree’s favorites.

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Arrangement of Pathwork Guide Q&As by Jill Loree

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